We always work closely with you

Service around the World

HOR YANG® offers the most comprehensive and reliable after-sales service around the world, such as plant planning, machine installation, staff training, technical instruction, maintenance and spare parts supply. We have the best service team to take care and support our customers. You can rely on us, no matter what we will always work closely with you.


Installation & Commissioning

We have been successfully installing over 2,253 units of the can-making and canning machine worldwide. Form a signed contract to rigorous assembly and timely delivery. Each Hor Yang machine has been thoroughly tested under power and put into correct adjustment before leaving the factory. All machines are given a running test for several hours at the proper speed, once the machine has been located at the work site, we would dispatch the technical engineers to support our customers performing the installation and running test. Although these new arrival machines have been perfectly adjusted and tested to serve before shipment, but we are in responsibility to ensure that the machine is absolutely in faultless condition for production start-up.



Technical Training

Although our machines have been designed with a high quality and performance for modern can making and canning production lines, but how to be a skilled operator of machine? It is important to our customers, therefore we are not only selling machines, we are also offering a complete technical trainings for machine's operation, adjustment, parts changeover and trouble shooting.


Spare Parts Supply

After the customers ordered our machines, they will take a complete and permanent service with the genuine spare parts supply from our company. All of the usual spare parts are fully on stock and you will get the soonest response and support as you need any spare parts. Meanwhile we strongly advise our customers that a on-site stockage of wear parts is absolutely necessary in order to avoid costly downtimes.



All of our machines have been designed and produced with simplified mechanism and high quality, but a regular maintenance of the machine will certainly promote its durability and working efficiency. In addition to new products supply, we also offer a service of machine overhauled and refurbishment, therefore the customers will be having another economical option to maintain and renew the aged equipments for continuous production.


Quality Guarantee

Our quality is assured with a manufacturing procedure that includes quality control on every step. from casting to final assembly, each completed section is thoroughly inspected by related staffs who take responsibility for the quality of finished products. The product quality is crucial to the continued success of machine. Since our beginning, we have always strived the way toward upgrading quality-control standard on our products. That is why we can provide the highest quality products which can bring the greatest benefits to our customers.