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The task of relocation and commissioning for the can filling production line

14:25 2022-08-22

The customer purchased Horyang's third-generation Filling and Seaming Machines in 2016, and now plans to move the entire line of production equipment to the new factory in the first half of 2022. Even though the equipment has been used for six years, we still strive to meet the needs of customers, and provide the machine positioning, installation and commissioning during the period of relocating, so that customers can smoothly carry out production in the shortest time.


Horyang's third-generation Can Filler and Seamer Machines are designed with stainless steel structure and an integrated guarding enclosure. In addition to meeting higher food hygiene requirements, the machines are also equipped with automatic and circulating lubrication, motorized can height adjustment and CIP cleaning system and other automation functions. It is not only easy to operate, but also can greatly reduce the machines’ cleaning time and maintenance costs.